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  • Services for Westminster -Main Location

    If you don't see availibility on the day you are looking for please call 303-912-5159.  It's possible arrangements can be made.
    • 30 minute bodywork session $40
      A 30-minute session works well for your nagging body part or to touch up on something that needs a little more work.

    • 60 minute bodywork session $65
      60-minutes is standard for your relaxation, structural bodywork, or unlocking injuries.

    • 75 minute bodywork session $80
      75-minutes gives us just enough extra time for detail work in troubled areas for injuries and structural bodywork (including relaxation).

    • 90 minute bodywork session $95
      90-minutes gives us time to be very thorough in unlocking an injured area of the body and breaking up stuck fascia through structural bodywork. Optimal for your relaxation also.

    • 60 minute energy healing $65

      Energy healing is applied according to your specific needs.  May include Reiki, Past Life, Chakra Balance, Acupressure, Cleansing Of Negative Influences, Stuck Energies, and more.  You can schedule in-person, phone, or skype.

    • 60 minute meditation $65

      Learn to meditate or deepen your current meditation. Relieves your emotional pain and monkey mind.  Great for your spiritual growth.  Meditation can be scheduled over the phone, skype, or in-person.

Staff: Joshua Magee