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  • Services for Westminster -Main Location

    If you don't see availibility on the day you are looking for please call 303-912-5159.  It's possible arrangements can be made.
    • 30 minute bodywork session $45
      A 30-minute session works well for one area of your injury or to touch up on something that needs a little more work.

    • 45 minute bodywork session $65
      45-minutes is your economical option for unlocking injured muscles or structural posture corrections.
    • 60 minute bodywork session $86
      60-minutes is standard for unlocking injured muscles or OK for structural posture corrections.

    • 75 minute bodywork session $108
      75-minutes for detail work on injured areas of your body and better for structural posture corrections.

    • 90 minute bodywork session $130
      90-minutes gives us time to be very thorough in unlocking an injured area of the body and optimal for structural posture corrections.

    • 60 minute energy healing $86

      Powerful energies are used to unlock physical, emotional, or mental blocks.  May include Reiki, Past Life, Chakra Balance, Acupressure, Cleansing Of Negative Influences, Stuck Energies, and more.  You can schedule in-person, phone, or skype.

    • 60 minute meditation $86

      Learn to meditate or deepen your current meditation. Relieves your emotional pain and monkey mind.  Great for your spiritual growth.  Meditation can be scheduled over the phone, skype, or in-person.